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The all-in-one solution for your sector

The Public Ticket Solution can be used in a wide variety of formats and industries. The all-in-one tool offers solutions for tourism service providers, small and large events, whether one-off or recurring, as well as customized answers for guest cards.
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Application areas

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Go directly to the admission control without waiting in line for a ticket or voucher exchange. This way, you offer your visitors a stress-free start to their visit to your museum or attraction. Everything contactless and uncomplicated.

Increase your online sales

Don’t just offer your tickets on your own website, use the range of online platforms to expand your sales channels.

Evaluations for product developments

Learn more about your customers. Numerous statistics and evaluations provide you with valuable data to improve your product. Get to know your target group better to optimize your marketing activities and targeting.

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Uncomplicated online ticket sales

Implemented in your website and adapted to your design, your tickets can be sold quickly and easily through your own website. No matter if for bigger or smaller events, fairs or congresses.

Monitoring and control of visitors and participants

With the Public Ticket Solution you can control the number of participants in individually defined areas/rooms and set upper limits. You know at any time how many visitors are present.

Definition of access areas

Do you have special board members or participants who have certain access to areas that regular participants are not allowed to visit? With the Public Ticket Solution, you can define different access areas per ticket type to control groups of people without much effort.

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Digitization of your guest card

For the digitization of your guest cards, our Public Ticket Solution offers a comprehensive possibility to integrate and centrally manage participating partners. In addition, you receive numerous statistics on the use of the guest card subdivided by partners. You do not need any new interfaces for this. These are already integrated in our all-in-one tool to most major POS systems.

Public ticket solution for your destination

Take full advantage of ticketing and visitor management for your destination. Take your online ticket sales to the next level.

Public ticket solution for your service providers

Your tourism service providers can also benefit from the advantages of the Public Ticket Solution. Whether in online ticket sales or for visitor management. Interested partners can find more information here.


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